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What is Broadcast Fax? Broadcast Fax is the ability to send a single fax to more than one person at the same time. With information provided by the customer, broadcast fax takes a single document and transmits it to multiple destinations. And with the ability to send hundreds of thousands of faxes per hour, WestFax can complete any size order promptly.

How to send a Broadcast Fax

1. Set up a Broadcast Fax Account
Contact a WestFax Sales Representative at 800-473-6208 or use our Getting Started form.

2. Use the Broadcast Fax Web Tool to Upload Your Document and Mailing List
Follow the Broadcast Fax Wizard to browse your hard drive for fax lists and documents to upload and then preview your document. Use the Web Tool to also manage your removal lists, send quick faxes and view and pay invoices...all from an easy-to-use, web-based interface.

3. Broadcast your Fax Document
Using the Broadcast Fax Web Tool, you can send a test page and then schedule your fax for distribution. Later, review the progress with real-time reporting.

The WestFax Broadcast Fax Web Tool allows you to take charge of your projects by uploading, previewing and scheduling the distribution of hundreds of thousands of faxes per hour.

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