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WestFax offers powerful fax APIs you can customize to complement your software. We provide a free SDK for easy setup and integration. Our fax API is highly flexible. Configuration options are available with most languages: PHP, .NET, Java, HTML, Web, Win 32, etc. WestFax API offers multiple message formats such as SOAP, REST & RPC.

Seamlessly send faxes from within your applications without the expense of complicated custom hardware and software solutions.

Transform your business processes while dramatically improving productivity by adding the ability to fax from within your mission-critical software applications. The WestFax Fax API can be used to integrate WestFax’s Robust Fax Service with many different applications. No more trips to the fax machine or wondering if a fax went through and must be re-sent.

Detailed setup documentation and toll-free technical support ensures your IT team can have applications "fax capable" in just a few hours. Integrate the fax functionality any way you want: from an application's File menu, as a button, or even through a web page.

Use it to send outbound faxes wherever you might be whether on the road or in the office. Because its designed for enterprise-level applications, the WestFax Fax API offers unlimited scalability. Plus, with the industry-leading resources of WestFax, Inc. behind it, you can be assured your faxes always go through safely and securely.

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