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WestFax has served over one billion faxes for thousands of clients. WestFax FaxForward WestFax Broadcast Email

For over a decade WestFax has been a leading provider of fax broadcasting and broadcast voice services. From our flexible fax web service API to broadcast fax campaign solutions, we provide you the communication tools you need at prices that fit your budget.

Broadcast Fax


Broadcast Fax is effective, fast and affordable. While email can become buried in the inbox and direct mail tossed in the trash, broadcast faxes are perceived as time-sensitive and instantly capture the recipient's attention. When compared to postal mail, fax campaigns make it possible to reach more people in less time and at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there's no expensive hardware or software to buy.
Leverage your company’s existing infrastructure with our Web Services Fax API. Automate time-consuming business processes including statements, invoi­ces, purchase orders and alerts. Seam­lessly send faxes from within your applications without the expense of complicated custom hardware and soft­ware solutions. Our in-house integration team is available to assist you and we provide code samples and API guidelines for a quick turn-up.
Seamless and secure
Scalable, single install to enterprise
Flexible multiple reporting options
On demand capacity, no busy signals
Don't want to wait around the machine for a fax? Have them sent to your email instead. Great for anyone who works out of the office or travels!
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Simple, quick and affordable broadcast voice messaging. Reach thousands of recipients in minutes!
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WestFax actively seeks Agents & Partners who share our commitment to customer service and integrity.
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"WestFax consistently exceeds my expectations. I was delighted at how great they are to work with. I recommend them."
—J. Klein, Denver, CO
"The WestFax online order system is quick and easy to use and I can watch the status of my order and check out reports all online!"
—K. James, Atlanta, GA
Businesses "go green" with WestFax Internet technology while saving money, energy and being environmentally responsible too!
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