WestFax Azure Storage Integration

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Faxes directly into Azure Storage

Our customers asked for it so we now have the capability to upload your inbound fax files to Azure File Storage automatically. No more downloading and reuploading or complicated workflows. We can get your fax where you want it, when you want it.

WestFax can securely upload inbound fax files to Azure File Storage service via API, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive healthcare information.

This capability allows healthcare organizations to streamline their document management processes while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations. By leveraging Azure's robust and secure file storage infrastructure, healthcare organizations can ensure the integrity and availability of their faxed documents with the reliability of WestFax's Secure Cloud Fax service.

Integrate Azure File Storage with WestFax Today!

How Azure works with WestFax

Azure file upload Workflow

Azure File Storage

We can upload your inbound fax file in any format you need in any Azure container. Just configure your destination and we'll work with your team to automate your fax delivery.


WestFax can OCR your faxes and provide readable PDF's that can be searched from the web portal interface and your local pdf viewer. OCR is an optional add-on that works perfectly with this workflow.

Post upload notifications

Need to update a process or webhook after successful upload? We specialize in custom workflows so we can work with your process to ensure perfect delivery every time.

Custom file names

Need the calling fax number in the filename? No problem. We can make your fax file any file template format you need as long as it's unique.
Azure File Storage

WestFax Platform features:

  • 100% cloud based. No hardware or software needed.
  • TLS 1.2 encryption enforced for all document transport.
  • Custom fax reporting to audit and review your fax traffic.
  • Optional on-premise applications to match your workflow needs.
  • Easy to use customizable cover-page options.
  • High availability and reliability with multiple data centers.
  • Best in class customer service with live phone support.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • SOC2 and HIPAA standards in use.