About WestFax

Every great company begins with a good story.

Our story began in the telecom hub of downtown Denver in 1999 where healthcare companies discovered our massive distribution platform to communicate time-sensitive information to providers very quickly. Our slow and steady growth trajectory with decades of experience processing billions of computer-based fax messages presents a solid foundation for our customers to rely on. WestFax is privately held with a long-term strategy of putting customer needs ahead of shareholder or private equity demands. Our unique approach to nimble custom software development enables our partners to rely on us to integrate custom fax workflows into any software platform.

Our hyper-focus on fax completion rates are another significant advantage our customers enjoy. WestFax owns and operates our own FCC-licensed long-distance carrier giving us critical insights into the labyrinth of carrier networks. We use a combination of a massive TDM (traditional dial mode) network, our own internal direct delivery, and SIP only when it makes sense to ensure the highest fax completion rates in the industry.

Preservation of our natural environment is also baked into our DNA. Secure Cloud Fax by nature eliminates the need for paper-based legacy fax machines saving thousands of trees every year.

With offices in Denver, Southern California, Las Vegas, and Houston our team is ready to meet your Secure Cloud Fax integration demands.

You’re in good company.

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