About WestFax

Every great company begins with a good story.

The WestFax story began in a tiny bungalow in the West Washington Park neighborhood of Denver. Barry Clarkdiscovered the transformational power of fax in his twenties while operating a wholesale travel company.

He noticed airlines, cruise lines and tour operators using fax to communicate with their travel agent partners. He began to explore this medium by building the first WestFax platform in his West Wash Park bungalow. The remnants of the massive overhead network of phone lines going into his home can still be seen today.

As more customers came, a move to downtown Denver was required in 1999 to build a more secure network and add customer support staff.

Today WestFax operates the largest TDM fax platform on earth with multiple data centers. We still call the Denver Tech Center our home with offices in California, Colorado, Florida and Washington State.

We’ve grown to offer HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax service through the WestFax online portal, our API and our mobile apps. We continue to innovate though Direct Message Protocol ready document capture, OCR and managed document workflow.

Our customers include a diverse lineup from nearly every major healthcare company in the Fortune 100 to a single line mobile app user. In 1999 countless people told us that FAX as a medium was going away. WestFax is living proof of the power of secure document transport. Today we’ve moved well beyond the traditional fax machine into new and creative ways to securely send and receive documents and we’re prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

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