Our TDM network

We built our network with performance and reliability in mind. We take seriously the protection of your fax data by housing our servers and other hardware assets in high security, high-availability, and state-of-the-art collocation data centers.


The world-class WestFax telephony platform is built with security and high-availability in mind.

If you’ve ever been on a mobile phone call and experienced packet loss during the call you know how detrimental this can be to achieving efficient communication. This inconvenience during a call is catastrophic for fax. ANY packet loss will result in a failed fax.

The WestFax network is built on a combination of decades old legacy traditional dial mode technology that is tried and true and just works. New SIP or FOIP (Fax over IP) can’t achieve the high baud rates and reliability that TDM fax affords.

Our built-in AI uses historical calling data to determine the best carrier route, the highest possible baud rate and the best retry algorithm to make sure your fax has the highest chance of delivery.

The proof is higher deliverability of faxes which means your patients and customers get the information they need now without having to retry several times.

Faster baud rates are particularly important when transmitting high page count medical records. The faster your fax is transmitted the lower the chance of failure.

Many of our competitors use lower cost SIP protocol to transmit fax.

Most SIP transmissions max out at a low (9600) baud rate and usually no Error correction (ECM).

This can create a situation where a 100 page medical record can take hours to transmit.

Fax Speeds
HIPAA Compliant