How to Email to Fax Using Gmail

WestFax provides an online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes directly from your Gmail account. Our fax service solution provides guaranteed fax delivery, superior customer support, and competitive pricing. Our service has no setup fees, and you are only charged for actual faxes sent.

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How Our Fax to Email Service Works

Once you register to our online fax service, sending a fax is simple – just compose an email within Gmail, entering the fax number as your destination address (ex. Your email will be received by our online fax servers, which convert the email into fax format and transmit it to the fax number you specified.
When someone sends you a fax (to your personal fax number maintained by WestFax), the fax is received by our server, and is forwarded to you in an email you receive to your Gmail inbox. The fax message will be attached as a PDF or TIFF file.

Getting Started with WestFax’s Faxing Service

You can use our service for sending faxes only, receiving faxes only, or both. You then can select any state in the United States for your personal fax number. Once you provide us with your Gmail account, and complete the registration details, your setup is complete, and you can begin sending/receiving faxes in your Gmail. You can manage your fax settings and preferences from our online dashboard.

Guaranteed Delivery with Maximum Convenience

No more standing by the fax machine and waiting, only to discover that the line is busy, or that transmission failed. With hundreds of lines, our fax servers can handle a large number of inbound and outbound faxes at any given moment, so you never have to wait.
We can send you a confirmation email based on the confirmation policy you select – upon success, failure, or for all faxes. You can also determine how Gmail fax failures should be handled, and the number of attempts to retry upon busy or no answer signals.

Send Any File as a Fax

We support a wide range of files types – Microsoft Office file formats, most image file formats, PDF, XML, and HTML. All these files can be attached to an email within Gmail and sent as a fax.

Fax Customization

Customize your fax header to hide or display the transmission date and time, page number, total pages, sending machine identifier, receiving machine identifier, and any free text.

Industry-Leading Support

Our service includes top-notch phone and email support. Our knowledgeable support team are at your service during business hours, and we reply to all email requests within one business day.

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