PaperCut and WestFax Integration

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Integrate WestFax Secure Cloud Fax with PaperCut

With WestFax Epic Integration you can send a fax directly from the your MFP using PaperCut.

Leading healthcare organizations rely on the WestFax secure cloud fax platform because they know their fax will be delivered quickly and reliably.

The WestFax network is built on enterprise grade carrier networks using conventional telephony technology that is tried and true and best for fax. This combined with proprietary built-in AI which uses historical calling data to determine the best telephone carrier route, the highest possible baud rate and best retry algorithm — ensuring your fax gets delivered whenever possible.

Other Features

  • No SMTP relay required
    The Fax Connectors uses our TLS 1.2+ Secure Fax API for all tranmissions.

  • Use built-in cover pages
    Setup your coversheets using built in cover pages or use your own.

  • WestFax based reporting
    Email confirmations of send will still function using WestFax’s server based reporting.

  • No Fax Lines needed
    No need to deal with telco and fax lines. No need for fax cards either.

  • Contact Book Integration
    No more numbers to remember. Just pull in numbers from your WestFax address book to your Papercut jobs.


Just add the WestFax Fax Connector in your scan actions and setup the Scan to Fax option. Your fax is securely routed via our HIPAA Cloud Fax API and is transmitted directly to your recipient. No more Email Routing of your faxes. PaperCut and WestFax supercharge your fax workflow.
WestFax and PaperCut: Cloud Faxing perfected!

Your users can authenticate on the MFP using your PaperCut Installation and send faxes with ease from the Scan to Fax function.  The WestFax Connector integrates completely with PaperCut to provide a unified experience and enables granular control over your fax platform.

PaperCut and WestFax

Using PaperCuts award-winning software you can empower your MFP/MFD fleet to harness the full power of cloud scanning and processing of documents. In order to utilize fax with your MFP fleet you previously had to setup the Scan to Email function or go through the process of setting up the MFP to use its own internal version of Cloud fax. With WestFax's new Fax connector we can make faxing a breeze!

Our Connector installs easily. Just one file needed.
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Works on these PaperCut Versions

Use the Lower cost DIY PaperCut NG or Enterprise MF Product. WestFax Connector works with both perfectly.

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