PaperCut WestFax Connector

WestFax PaperCut Connector Setup Instructions


How to install the WestFax Connector on your PaperCut Server

Make sure you have the latest versions of PaperCut MF or NG. It does not work on the PaperCut Mobile or Hive versions.

Download the PaperCut WestFax Connector

Your account manager or sales rep should have provided this link. You can request it here as well. Once you have downloaded the Connector you can unzip it onto a local temp folder.

You will see a file named WestFax.exe. This file should be copied to C:\Program Files\PaperCut MF\server\bin\win\connectors\scan\fax\ or the location of your PaperCut installation. You may need to contact Papercut for this information.

PaperCut WestFax Connector Location

Restart the PaperCut Windows Services

In order for the new fax connector to be available you will need to restart the PaperCut Services on your server. Please choose a time that will not disrupt your organizations printing as PaperCut services may take a few minutes to cycle.

PaperCut Services restart

(Optional) Update the Max Attachment size for Scans

Most faxes are smaller in size. They don't need to be 300 dpi like an email scan job. They can be scanned at 200dpi just fine. In some cases the file size can be too large. The setting in PaperCut that applies is system.scan.fax-max-job-size-kb. It may not be present and you may have to create it. If you aren't sure contact your PaperCut Support rep. The default size is 20mb. Fax can handle more that 20mb. WestFax can handle 50mb files. You would have to increase the size manually to allow larger faxes to send these faxes.

PaperCut Services Max File Size

Setup the WestFax Fax Connector in PaperCut

You will now be able to setup the WestFax Connector in the scan actions. If you go to the Devices->Scan Actions and click the Create New button.

PaperCut Software Install

Now you need to take your WestFax settings and fill in this form. There are 6 values: API Base URL, Username, Password, Product Id, Caller Id, Default Cover Page

PaperCut Software Install Page 2Each of these are explained below:

PaperCut Software Install Page 4

Once you have entered this information click the Test Connection button to verify the settings. If it doesn't return the value you see above check your firewall settings, login, password and productId to make sure they are correct. You can also contact us and we'll try to help you out as well.

PaperCut Software Install Page 3

The settings for the file creation are up to you. Most people use PDF and you should set this accordingly. Fax does not need 300 dpi. 200dpi will suffice and PDF is fine too as well as TIFF.

PaperCut Software Install Page 4

You can also break the PDF files into pieces as well to keep document sizes relatively small. Our platform will work fine either way.

PaperCut Software Install Page 4

On this screen you can setup the access permissions for this Scan action. After you setup the permissions the software setup is done.

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