How to use WestFax with GFI Faxmaker Print Driver

So your organization has GFI Faxmaker and uses the Print Driver to send faxes. You want to move to WestFax for our stability, deliverability, and pricing. You aren't the first.

Fax Machine icon with mouse cursor clickingBefore gutting your existing GFI Faxmaker install you should know that you can actually use the GFI Faxmaker Print Driver with WestFax with a few small changes. This keeps your existing process the same and eases the pressure to retrain users with a new system.

With GFI Faxmaker Print driver you are essentially creating an email with an attachment which is the fax itself. The email address is then added which is the destination. With GFI Faxmaker it was Now you will use instead.

In a nutshell, that's it!

Before you get to this point this is a little bit of setup on the backend. Below we detail those steps.

Step One: Set up WestFax Email to Fax users.

You need to set up Email to Fax with WestFax. As an admin user just log into the WestFax home portal you received when you signed up. In the Settings -> Fax to Email Settings -> Allow Email to Fax users section

Email to Fax Allowed senders

Now you must add the email addresses of the users who are sending faxes via Email. We can also add your entire domain to a fax line too. Just send us an email to and we can do that for you. So here we are adding a test user to the allowed sender list.

Email to Fax Allowed sender popup

Now click Save and this user is added.

Ok, now you have your email to fax users added let's make a small change to FaxMaker.

Step Two: Send to instead of

Faxmaker email addresses are You may need to change your global address book to replace with That's it! Faxes will send using WestFax with Faxmaker Print Driver.

You can learn about advanced subject flags here to supercharge your faxing and you can also download this one-sheet that gives you all the info you need to send faxes via email.

To start sending faxes today,visit the WestFax website to learn more about our Business Fax and HIPAA-compliant Healthcare Fax Fax services. To talk to a sales account manager, contact us at (800) 473-6208, or via e-mail at

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